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Freelance Translation Service  At wedotranslation, we take our corporate motto very seriously: "Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind". We are looking for qualified translators who stand behind their work and have made a strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

wedotranslation is a document translation service operating as a translation agency that represents freelance translators from across North America. We have ongoing requirements for all language pairs. Although we provide translation for any language pair combination, the bulk of our translation work covers English, French and Spanish language assignments.

However, the demand for our translation services (particularly certified translation services) is expanding rapidly. We get regular calls for translation services to and from a variety languages, including: Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, German, etc. The scope of projects is varied: it includes a wide range of topics of varying length.

wedotranslation acts as agent for the freelance translator, freelance proofreader and freelance editor. If you are a freelancer, we want to hear from you. Submit your résumé and any relevant information here.

What Makes wedotranslation the right choice for Freelance Translators?

We have work for YOU! We pay YOU promptly: On Time, Every Time! We pay a competitive, reasonable rate.
  • We currently have strong demand for translation, proofreading, editing and revision services for all languages, especially English, French and Spanish.
  • We receive frequent requests for translation, proofreading, editing and revision services for a wide variety of languages: Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, German, to name a few.
  • The topics and types of documents we handle are diverse.
  • We outsource all of our translation assignments to our freelance translators located throughout North America -- we do not have in-house translators.
How We Work With Freelance Translators
  • We provide reference documents, background material and terminology assistance.
  • We provide additional quality control on all documents.
  • We handle the sales, promotion and web exposure for our translators.
  • We are the first point of contact for all clients. We are the liaison between the client and the translator.
  • We handle complaints and deal with any issues.
  • We provide accounting and collection services. You do not have to worry about following up on late or non-payments.
  • We provide administration services such as taking care of document handling, invoicing, maintaining historical client information, document storing, and more.
Submitting an application to work with us

Information We Need from YOU, the Freelance Translator:
  • Contact information: Full name, phone numbers (work, home, fax), address, e-mail, mobile and web site (if applicable) — Complete privacy and confidentiality is assured — we do not share your contact information with anyone without your approval;
  • Résumé in the source and target language you are translating;
  • A copy of your credentials, certifications, security clearances, access to having documents notarized, etc.;
  • Your area of specialization: please indicate the topic(s) and the types of documents you can handle so that we may assign you documents that are within the scope of your expertise;
  • A list of additional services you provide, i.e. editing, notarization, transcription services, etc., and a breakdown of your rates for these services;
  • Software you have access to (MS word, WP, Excel, Adobe, Visio, WordFast, Translation Memory, etc.);
  • The access you have to terminology databanks and the linguistic database you utilize, e.g. Ternium Plus subscription;
  • Self-description (summary of where you have acquired your experience and what type of work you would like to receive).
Submit your résumé and any relevant information here.

Follow-Up Process

Once you have submitted a request to work with us, we will acknowledge receipt via e-mail. We may ask that you submit to a testing procedure. We will require that you enter into a formal independent contractor agreement should we wish to add you to our roster of service-providers. The agreement spells out the working procedures between you and wedotranslation and its purpose is to safeguard the interests of all parties and stakeholders concerned.

Resume Translation  When you apply for work in Toronto put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression with a resume that has been translated by an expert who is fluent in your native language and is familiar with the technical language of the field you work in.

Don't settle for anything but the best and allow us to present you in the best possible light.

proofreading service  Our proofreading service consists of reviewing any text for errors hard copy (written documentation) or electronic (e.g. websites, MSWord files, PowerPoint files).The types of errors we look for include: missing words; typos; spelling mistakes; formatting errors; missing or bad punctuation; etc.

The proofreading service is combined with light copy-editing: checking for grammar; improper language usage; run-on sentences; consistency issues; etc. Our objective is to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of your written material without changing the content.

Certified Translation Service  Whatever the nature of the documentation or the language pair involved, we can assist you in determining what the specific nature of your requirements are. We have specific expertise in sourcing the appropriate translator resource, securing applicable certification and/or notarization (if, where and when required), and doing so in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Translation Performance Commitment  Our Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind guarantee is the cornerstone of our commitment to deliver competitively priced services of the highest quality within agreed upon deadlines. Our work is not done until the work is approved by our clients and they are completely satisfied.

The most important words in our customer service language....

We assist clients from across North America and overseas. View descriptions of typical translation, proofreading and editing assignments: Sample translation projects.

Full Privacy and Absolute Confidentiality is assured.

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Toll Free Call: 1-888-722-3515


  Bi-Directional Document Translation Service for virtually any language pair and all ethnicities

In addition to providing document translation services from any language into the English, French or Spanish languages, we can also assist clients with the translation of technical material into the world's most popular languages: English ↔ Chinese; English ↔ Arabic; English ↔ German; English ↔ Japanese; English ↔ Portuguese; English ↔ Russian; English ↔ Korean; English ↔ Italian; English ↔ Hindi; to name but the most popular among the more than 75 languages that we can handle for you.

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